What People Are Saying…

I started working with Tina a few months ago when I sought out hypnotherapy in order to assist me with re-programming some deeply rooted beliefs and insecurities. These beliefs were so ingrained that no matter how many books I read or work I did on myself, they just wouldn’t lift. When I met Tina, I immediately felt safe, comfortable, and certain that I was in good hands. Tina is so kind, knowledgeable, and informative with the work that she does. She has empowered me to connect with my own divine guidance by providing me with tools and clarity. I have had the opportunity to experience shifts through body/emotion code and most recently belief code.

One of the most destructive belief codes I have is that “I am bad”, over the last week for the first time in a while I have had so much more energy and motivation. I realized this is because I am spending less energy worrying about what is wrong with me and have more space to enjoy life. This has helped me enjoy interacting with others more, as I am much less concerned about what they may be thinking about me. I have started to trust in the divine again, knowing that whatever is meant to be will be. This is a result of Tina’s work with another belief system “I can not receive divine guidance”. Being able to fully trust in my ability to receive guidance has released a lot of anxiety and need to control life situations or outcomes.

The last belief system that Tina and I worked on was linked to victim mentality and constantly feeling overwhelmed. Initially after our session I noticed an increased awareness everytime I started to say I could not do something. Over the last few days I have started to shift into a “can do” attitude rather than a “I can’t attitude.” These shifts have made me feel so much more empowered, grounded, energized, and at ease. I am so grateful to have met with Tina and have the opportunity to continue working with her. 

CassandraBelief Code® and Hypnotherapy

“I can’t believe how much better I feel since having a session with you. Being emotionally lighter and having more energy is such a blessing.  The feeling of release has been so amazing and has such a positive impact in my everyday life. The fact that it just takes a few minutes and can be done with a quick call is icing on the cake! I look forward to more time with you soon.”

MichelleBody Code™

“This was my first time ever being hypnotized and I don’t think it could have been any better! It was done over zoom and I was a little worried about the experience not being as great as in person. But is was so incredible.

Tina created such a safe, comfortable, and relaxing environment. Not to mention her voice is very soothing! Truly an eye opening experience. I’m very happy with how it all went and would definitely recommend her!”  


“Tina is incredible. I can’t recommend working with her enough!  She is so warm and loving, and has the kind of presence that feels safe, secure, and holding, but gentle enough to allow for all your own processes. 

I was concerned that I couldn’t go deep enough to do the work I wanted to do, but as we worked together, every time I went into trance with her I was able to go deeper and deeper. Some of my most profound inner healing has taken place with Tina as my hypnotherapist. .”


“Tina is a gifted, intuitive healer. Being new to this sort of practice, I wasn’t sure what to expect. But Tina put me at ease, explained everything, then wow!! It was incredible to see what she discovered with the Emotion Code and how quickly she could identify and clear these blockers.

I gave her permission to work on my kids, and the insights she found were incredible. Even better, she was able to clear them remotely without their involvement, which they loved. I highly recommend Tina; if you’re curious or unsure, just have a chat with her to learn more.” 

Kim Body Code™ and Emotion Code® for Kids 

“Tina has an incredible talent for deciphering trapped emotions and clearing them with no prior knowledge of past circumstances. After three sessions with my child, I could feel a newfound lightness to her being.

So many challenges occur throughout our lives even before we are born, so it is amazing to find someone that can tap into this space. I’d highly recommend Tina’s Body Code Sessions to anyone struggling personally or for loved ones that need to have emotions that are no longer working for them released.”

ElizabethBody Code™ for Kids

“My sessions with Tina have been transformational.  I’ve been focusing on my relationship aspect of myself recently and trying to work through and release past trauma woundings which show as anxious attached and codependent in romantic relationships with others.  

The Body Code and Emotion Code sessions have released from my body and energy what other traditional therapy has not been able to do.  I feel free and secure in my personal life now in the way I do operating in the business world – I am so grateful!”

GingerEmotion Code® and Body Code™

“I had three remote Body Code sessions with Tina and was surprised, but not surprised, at how much I had trapped in my body. When I reached out to Tina, I felt like a volcano on the verge of eruption and needed help releasing all the old energy that I knew was causing such a disruption in my life and mind. I wanted it gone, but no matter what I did, I could not release it on my own.

After the first session, I felt “spicy,” and I knew that my body was reacting to what had been released.

After the second session, I didn’t feel much but was slowly feeling more in control of my emotions. After the third session, I felt more open and began receiving signs that my mother was trying to contact me (she passed two years ago). I knew I was blocked as I had not had much ethereal contact in quite some time, which is highly unusual for me, so to finally feel like I could “connect” was like a breath of fresh air.

Do not hesitate to work with Tina if you feel like you are being bogged down by energy you have absorbed, acquired from birth, or carried over from past lives. You are worth it and deserve to be happy and free from burdensome energy that does not serve you well.”

DarylBody Code™

“Tina is an absolutely incredible Healer, Hypnotherapist and Body Code/Emotion Code practitioner!  She is so gifted at what she does and is above and beyond caring and dedicated to helping her clients succeed – her sincerity is palpable!  She holds such a safe, welcoming, and judgement-free space and since working together, I have experienced such profound healing, transformation and shifts both during our sessions and then in my everyday reality following. 

While Tina is extremely intuitive and spiritual, she is equally as grounded and practical in her approach and makes any of the more foreign concepts or modalities very digestible to all.  On evenings when Body/Emotion Code sessions are performed, I always wake up feeling so much lighter, clearer and revitalized – like the slate has been cleared!  She has also been spot-on with a lot of her findings which has allowed me to thoughtfully reflect and heal a lot of forgotten past memories. 

I would give Tina my highest recommendation to anyone looking to heal in an open and compassionate space with a wise, attentive and talented facilitator! Thank you so much for everything, Tina”

AliBody Code™ and Hypnotherapy

Thank you so much, Tina, for your Body Code sessions with me. They have been such a great help to release and make my consciousness lighter.  

I feel more clarity and inner peace. I’m grateful for your work. 

Love, Claudia 

ClaudiaBody Code™

Body Code with Tina is to be fully seen and then tended to with loving consideration. I felt so cared for and contained by her presence, inspired by her wisdom and honored as a complex human.

So many of my ailments and wounds that caused dis-ease have either significantly reduced or vanished. Incredible! My body, now, feels more aligned than ever before, and I’m very grateful. 

GennaBody Code™ and Hypnotherapy

Working with Tina was a positive and empowering experience. Tina creates a safe space and listens in a way that is validating and affirming.

What’s great about this work is you don’t have to re-live traumas, and it can work fast. After just two sessions, there was a shift in my level of energy, motivation, and optimism.

KathrineBelief Code®

“I met Tina a couple of months ago to set up my initial Emotion Code session and she met my expectations and more, as some one who is meticulous, thorough and intuitive…Great combination when dealing with trapped emotions in the body…

I received the notes she responds with, after each session and it was very revealing in addressing my past emotions with the corresponding attitudes and the release of each one…..I feel so much lighter in my mind ,body and soul……

Tina adds a wealth of knowledge and wisdom that goes beyond the Emotion Code material…I would highly recommend a session with her if you are intent on getting rid of old trapped emotions in your body, that harbor potential diseases….”

WalterEmotion Code® and Body Code™