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Have you tried everything and still don’t have the peace, joy and love you desire in your life?

YOU and I have a lot in common. I, too, tried all kinds of things. Nothing stuck… then I found Energy Healing through Body Code™, Emotion Code™, EFT, and Hypnotherapy. They work! Each in their own way work to clear yourself of the emotional baggage you’re carrying. That’s what makes Energy Healing powerful for healing.

I get you! I’ve been there. I found through Hypnotherapy that I was carrying so much sadness in my chest area. It was hard to function. Then I found the Body Code™ and in one session, YES! you read that right, in one session my sadness was eliminated. I was simply blown away.

As an Intuitive Energy Healing Practitioner, I want to help you get what I got… YOUR LIFE BACK!

By working in a sacred space that’s a safe, heart-centered environment, my Energy Healing can easily transform your life because your mental & emotional challenges are removed and are no longer blocking you. Instead, you’re growing, stretching, and healing. Together, we knock out what’s holding you back, and the result is you transforming your life. It’s perfection in its simplicity!

I have to be upfront… Energy Healing is not always logical. It’s not tied to our lineal ways of thinking. It takes a little faith to commitment to healing… and a little bit of trust in yourself. You have to want to find healing, for no one can do that for you if you don’t set that intention first.

I’m glad you’re reading this because Energy Healing is the answer you’ve been searching for. It works for me. I know it can work for you.

I offer, like most other practitioners do, a free consultation. Please take advantage of it! Let’s talk. It only costs your time. It’s an ideal chance to where you can talk to me about what’s creating struggles in your life, we can discuss freeing yourself from that, and you get a good sense of how you want to move forward with Energy Healing.

I look forward to working with you and helping YOU help yourself to a better life that’s SIMPLE, FUN, and EASY!

See you soon!



Other things about me…

I’m a perpetual learner. You should see all the books I have! I absolutely love the smell and weight of a book in my hands, as I devour the words and meanings of what the author is trying to tell me with their writing. My husband picks on me about my book buying habit. He lovingly tells me I have an addiction. He’s right, as I can rarely go by a month without buying another… or two… or three. Ha! I do on occasion buy an electronic book, and love to listen to books on Audible while on road trips.

I’m a Gemini Sun, Aries Moon and a Scorpio Rising… I still don’t know what that all means, but for some I know it’s important to know. In Five Element energy, I predominantly carry the energy of the 5 Earth, 7 Metal, and 3 Wood Elements. I have a natural knack of finding intrusive energy. I’m called to clear intrusive energy in people, homes, buildings, and land. I love a soft spot for Feng Shui and how energy affects us through placement. I love snow skiing at our local resort Crystal Mountain and camping in the Cascades by my favorite streams: Crow Creek & Little Naches. You will even find me out on my dirt bike on mountain trails eating all the dust as I try keeping up with my husband and adult kids.

I appreciate the seasons throughout the year, especially springtime, which lovingly paints my life anew with colorful blossoms, new growth, blessed shapes & rich fragrances. I’m so thankful for my loving family and sweet animal companions who always brighten my day with their love. I love the quiet moments as the sun rises, and thankful for the warm brown bliss I hold in my hands and drink as I watch the sun rise, as each day’s horizons reminds me that blessings of self-discovery, Divine teachings, dreams, and unlimited opportunities are available for all.

Everyday, I’m actively keep working to clear and heal myself, feeding my mystical mind, and raising the vibrancy of my soul. As I’m working on myself, I’m sending healing to our sense of wholeness with the understanding that we’re truly all one. I know I will be living the rest of my life striving to do that, and loving the journey as I do so, as that’s what life is all about for me.

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