Belief Code­®

Belief Code® is Dr. Brad’s Level 3 training, just released in October 2023! It goes to the next level of healing! Belief Code® uproots subconscious beliefs, freeing us from incongruous belief patterns, and allowing us to see things as they really are! 

Our conscious beliefs are things that we want to believe and have control over. However, sometimes our subconscious beliefs don’t align with those desired thoughts. For example, we might be working on valuing ourselves more. Every day, we might look in the mirror and say “I am worthy.” That’s what we want to believe. However, when we look deep inside ourselves we find that it’s hard to accept this idea because we have a deep-rooted negative belief system about ourselves. Even if we repeat positive affirmations, speak kindly to ourselves, and take care of ourselves, these subconscious negative beliefs can make it extremely challenging to see ourselves in a positive light.

Belief Code® changes the negative belief system at it core, in your subconsciousness, which in turn, changes the way our nervous system and body functions. Making life altering changes to your life… for good!

With my work, I easily blend Emotion Code®, Body Code™, and Belief Code® in your session; giving you the best results with the clearings. Book your 50-minute session today by clicking on an orange button above! If you have never tried this work, or would like to get to know me first, I highly recommend booking a First Time Client 50-minute Session for only $50 or a Let’s Chat for 15-minutes, which is free and I can answer your questions.

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