Hypnotherapy is the gift you give yourself when you need to find answers and want to heal. It’s not about mind control or quacking like a duck. It’s a transpersonal modality that gets you to the heart of it. Heart centered. Hypnosis gives you the ability to clearly sense, see or feel what’s bothering you, and to become free from those uncomfortable emotions and feelings.

Hypnotherapy allows you to quiet your critical consciousness and access the memories of the subconscious mind. It gives you the capacity to free yourself from the fear, anger, neglect, sadness, grief, etc. of what’s hold you back in life. In those memories you find in hypnosis are answers to negative events, phobias, fears, stress, insecurities, low self-esteem, habits, among other things. With my extensive hypnotherapy training, I help you navigate with your subconscious, and rewrite beliefs that you want in your life!


Hypnotherapy sessions last for one-hour. People typically start feeling better in their first session. Depending on the goals you have, most usually do three to six sessions. If you don’t know which to sign up for…Try the single 50-minute session, and if you want to do more, you can pay the difference of the Package of Three after your first session.


Three Sessions


  • 50-Minute Sessions
Single Session


  • 50-Minute Session